1920s / 1930s: Typewriter Erotica

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  1. JohnL

    I love the cheeky “come on” look of the girl in the bottom picture!

  2. HurrDerp

    Those are my women types.

    Why, God, why do we live in an era where females have to look like f**king sticks?

    • John R.

      Yes, all women please pay attention to what Imhotep wants you to look like.

  3. Perdita

    Love these, the way they all interact with the typewriter like it’s a fetishised object.

    One gripe however- to do with the comments. First; two wrongs don’t make a right- insulting thin women (I am NOT one BTW) is equally nasty as insulting larger women. Additionally, what someone else regards as ‘natural beauty’ does not need to be patronisingly instructed to be ‘noted’ by women (or ‘fellow human beings’, of equal status, not there for ANYONE to boss around, as we are otherwise known).

    …I thought part of the amusement in this was the outdated nature of the ‘compliant secretary’. I think the ironic humour has been lost on some and they think this is what women should aspire to (status wise, I mean).

    • Mark

      Well said. What’s “natural” anyway? If you eat healthy and get some exercise, what ever shape you are, that’s natural for you.

  4. David

    JohnL: “I love the cheeky “come on” look of the girl in the bottom picture!”

    I love the cheeky “come on” look of the bottom in the girl picture!

  5. Stef

    I’m sure these women were not big in terms of height or weight. Probably the main difference between them and “hot” women of today is that these women lacked muscle tone. Women didn’t go to yoga class or jog back then.

  6. omppu

    I agree with Perdita.

    I personally have quite a thin figure despite the fact that I exercise only when I feel like it (I usually walk to work, so I get my exerccise there along with beautiful city scenery) and eat normally. Whether you are thin or thick, no one should have the right to put you down on a basis of appearance. If you’re healthy and feel comfortable in your own body, what does it matter if you’re thin or curvy? Besides, all men have different tastes. It’s patronising to think that women should comply to certain rules just because men like it.

    It does annoy me that those who are very thin, usually go overboard with their “healthy” lifestyle by eating nothing but roots and exercising even though it doesn’t feel fun anymore, and sometimes feel the need to chastise others and claiming their way is the only way. However, this applies both ways. It equally annoys me when people who have a major obesity problem, and are in danger to die at any time talk about their curves. Curves and obesity are two different things. Don’t play with your health.

    These women in these pictures look very sultry, curvy and sexy in my opinion, and what’s more important: healthy. So let’s just enjoy these pretty photographs and this awesome site without being rude!

    • The Root Of All Evil

      It’s a printer with onboard keyboard. Fully compliant in all languages. Processing software is a bit lax though, and the graphics are all ASCII.

  7. Trendy

    “no one should have the right to put you down on a basis of appearance”
    The fashion Guru’s do exactly that, if you want to be a fashion model, you will not be accepted unless you are the ‘stick’ that Hurrderp mentioned. Young women make themselves ill, very ill, to attain that acceptance. So, Perdita and omppu, they are who Hurrderp is referring to as ‘sticks’ and I agree with him (her ?), it is painful to see such distorted versions of the human woman parading down a walkway in a fantasy world that is only interested in selling, often horrible clothes, for a ‘designer’s’ glory and profit. That should be stopped by law. I’m glad that there are areas of the fashion world that refuse to go down that road … good on them.

    Let’s see normal women doing that job, women with the hips to bear a child and breasts to feed that child with, women who can expertly do the only thing that men can’t !

  8. Digital Jedi

    Well, I don’t know why we think that fashion models are somehow the sole basis that women measure themselves by and strive to attain. Young women I know idolize musicians, actors and general celebrities. Very few of them actually qualify as a “stick”. And in spite of the persistent claim of models being sticks, quite a few of the most influential ones are far from such hyperbole. (Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks) I think we focus too much on something that was an issue for a few years several years ago, and treat it as like it was still an issue. Anorexia is a different animal all together.

  9. Balertwine

    I got me a Underwood typewriter, big tall antiquey looking thing just like in these photos, but no beautiful leggy or naked women have flocked around mine. Huh.
    Maybe I just have it in the wrong room in the house. Let’s see here… hmm…

  10. Joanne

    The third woman from the bottom is just about as frontal as one can get while still being sidal…bet she didn’t get much typing done. I’ve been typing for fifty years and never did I think I would see one used as an erotic prop. Now that beats all!

  11. tahrey

    tame pinup – tame pinup – tame pinup – tame pinup – tame pinup – tame pinup – SUDDEN NUDE – nude – nude

    ok, that was a bit random.

  12. Carol

    I love The Root of All Evil post explaining what a typewriter is in modern terms. The interesting part of this photo group is how the typewriter is portrayed as such a modern edgy device at the time that it is considered sexy just to be near it. Charming.

  13. Jim

    these are the type of photos that Grandpa and his friends looked at when their moms weren’t around

  14. Opusv5

    Perhaps they were writing erotica while posing for it: thrilling more than two birds with one stroke.


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