1977-2010: Lucasfilm Christmas Cards

1977 (Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie)

1978 (Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie)

1979 (Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie)

1980 (Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie)

1981 (Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie)

1981 (Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie)

1982 (Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie)

1983 (Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie)

1984 (Lucasfilm)

1985 (Lucasfilm: Design by Bunny Carter)

1986 (Lucasfilm: Design by David Craig)

1994 (Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie)

1995 (Lucasfilm)

1995 (Lucasfilm: Design by Peter Chan and Daniel Colon, Jr.)

1996 (Lucasfilm: Design by Paul Mica)

1999 (Lucasfilm)

1999 (Lucasfilm)

2000 (Lucasfilm)

2000 (Lucasfilm)

2001 (Lucasfilm: Design by Kathryn Otoshi)

2002 (Lucasfilm: Design by Jim Filippi )

2002 (Lucasfilm)

2002 (Lucasfilm)

2003 (Lucasfilm: Design by Kathryn Otoshi )

2004 (Lucasfilm: Design by ILM’s Kelly Hawkins)

2005 (Lucasfilm: Design by Erik Tiemens and Ryan Church)

2007 (Lucasfilm: Design by Lorraine LeBer)

2009 (Lucasfilm: Design by Harrison Parker and Kelly Smith)

2009 (Lucasfilm: Design by Harrison Parker and Kelly Smith)

2010 (Lucasfilm: Design by Harrison Parker and Kelly Smith)

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8 Responses

  1. NicktheLick

    Haha! I love the last one, Darth Vader with the dove… that’s pukka! Have to say my favourite is the simplistic 1995 one of the Death Star bauble… that’s great…

  2. NicktheLick

    Also, I’m guessing the ‘Ginger Clones’ was actually a box of gingerbread…

  3. Alan Bickerstaff

    Have to say that a lot of those are quite contrived and even a bit “twee”. However, the Death Star one is genius. I hope whoever thought that one up got a Christmas bonus.

  4. Bicycle Bill

    If someone — I’m talking to you, Hallmark — could get a license to do the Death Star ornament (1995) they would probably sell a shitload of ‘em.

  5. Shells

    I have a Darth vader, Millenium Falcon, and Yoda Ornament. I believe they were purchased for me at Hallmark. Would love to have the Death Star Ornament.

  6. Rekanize

    I love how the 2002 LucasArts has both Ben from Full Throttle, Max from Sam & Max… Banner year for vaporware.

  7. Rachel

    I found it interesting that they started out quite “Christmasy,” and ended up, for the most part, just promoting the Star Wars line. Nothing about any kind of holiday.

  8. Jedimom

    I was lucky enough to receive the Vader and Dove card a couple of years ago from Steve Sansweet. I have it framed and on my wall


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