Behind the scenes of MetropolisBehind the scenes of MetropolisBehind the scenes of Metropolis Behind the scenes of Metropolis

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  1. Alan Bickerstaff

    Fantastic pictures. This is still one of my favourite films of all time. Just the sheer scale of the film is mind boggling – 37,000 extras in the filming. It nearly bankrupted the studio making it. And Brigitte Helm is stunning (it was her first film).

  2. Joopac

    One of my favorite films, too, and for the same reasons. You just don’t get that kind of dedication and imagination in a lot of films these days. I was so stoked when they found that lost footage a few years ago.

  3. Gentie

    Fritz Lang – creator of this extraordinary Film;
    A ‘ CHEF-d’OEUVRE ‘ of film making ….. fantastique -
    Thank YOU


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