1929-1969: Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters

'Dad, do not drink', Д. Буланов, 1929

'Stop', П. Соколов-Скаля, 1929

'Down with the drunks! Saying out loud', И. Янг, 1929

'From the midst of labor would drive drinkers!', И. Янг, 1929

'Remember. When you drink your family is hungry', 1930

Н. Дени, 1930

'It's a shame!', Н. Вележаева, 1958

'…And they say that we are pigs!', А. Мосин, 1958

'Eradicate this evil!', Н.Терещенко, 1959

'Not a Drop', B. Reshetnikov, 1961

'From the midst of labor would drive drinkers!', В. Говорков, 1966

'For your health…?',Е.А. Каждан, 1969

Source: Adme
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