"FUN! Make this squirrel lamp""FUN! Make this squirrel lamp""FUN! Make this squirrel lamp"

Sources: Modern Mechanix via Cartoon Snap

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  1. Cr. Mass

    Disemboweling bullet-riddled animal corpses somehow does not really speak to me, but maybe it’s something for the younger CSI crowd…

  2. jmark nashville

    well there are more squirrels around here than good jobs and everyone needs at least one squirrel lamp

  3. Sir Ray

    Cr. Mass – So I’m guessing that’s a “no” on a Boxing Squirrel diorama for your birthday present then.

    Red Cardinal – Didn’t they replace the eyes of the stuffed animal with glass (plastic nowadays, I guess). Hmm, maybe a set of multi-color ultra-bright wide-angle LEDS (the kind you find under pimped-out rides) in each glass eye ?
    Or where you thinking more of fiber optics strands woven through-out the squirrel fur, transmitting colored light like a fiber optic christmaas tree?

    • Red Cardinal

      Fibre optics would be good. Glowing eyes on their own would only make Mr Squirrel appear satanically possessed ;)

  4. Ohma

    “Hello son, handling dead animals again I see.”

    Even comics can’t make taxidermy less creepy.


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