c.1900: Meiji Era Geishas as Bathing Beauties



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  1. Joanne

    Beautiful young girls. Love the suits and the photographer’s backdrops and props. Must have been quite erotic for the Victorian gents.

    • vampiroz

      The photos are lovely. But, any man who finds children(these girls look to be between 10 or 13 years of age) erotic is very sick in my opinion.

  2. Jen

    Although Joanne’s comment is in somewhat bad taste, I am sure these photos were meant to be erotic, and I am also shocked by the youngness. Several of these girls don’t look older than eleven. I know that geisha started young, but I imagined that they wouldn’t enter the workforce by at least fifteen or so, especially as late as the Meiji era.

  3. Sandra

    Those girls are definetly not geishas, probably early maikos (apprentices of a geisha) since some of them have only the lower lip colored with red, altough I doubt even that because they look around 10-12 years old and a maiko starts around the age of 15. Geishas can’t be under the age of around 20 years old and this happens only after 2-6 years of being a maiko. Before being a maiko the girls are called shikomi and do chores around the house to earn their keep so my opinion is that those girls are some shikomi girls dressed up to enchant the western men since the outfits aren’t japaneese at all.

  4. Zen

    It would not surprise me if these girls are 15 or 16, because many Japanese appear to be much younger than they are! Especially 100 years ago.


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