1920-1938: Soviet Children’s Games

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  1. Gary Libby

    Some of these appear to be wargames, so they may not be all children’s games. Maybe some who knows Russian can chime in.

  2. Critical Mass

    Too bad the titles aren’t translated, so we can only guess what the game is about. The original page has some Russian text that thanks to Google Translate can be coaxed to tell us a bit more about the games’ goals. Between the pretty prominent war games, it’s not surprising to find political propaganda (Guessing Game: The Labour Code), but also a lot of world travel games. Training your kids to be globe trotters? Hmmm.

    • 951109

      yep, and eating their mothers alive, of course. and dont forget about burning the churches and hocpitals

  3. Andy

    I have spotty russian, but I’ll give it a try. :3

    The first is a travel around the USSR game.
    2 and 3 images are something like ‘Circular Racing’
    4 is ‘Airplane Travel around the USSR’
    5 is ‘Chemical Warfare’ (good family fun!)
    6 is ‘Revolution’
    7 and 8 are two different ‘Air Battle’ games
    9 is the circular racing game again
    I can’t make out 10,
    11 is ‘Polar Route of Ice Breakers’
    12 is ‘Reds and Whites: War Game’
    13 is ‘Tank Battle’
    14 is some sort of educational car modelling kit
    15 is ‘Sea Battle’
    16 says it’s a game about ‘Pioneer Troop Maneuvers’. Pioneers are soviet boy/girl scouts.
    17 is ‘Modern Warfare’, I’m not kidding.
    18 is just a straight-up ‘Battle’ game.

  4. AlexW

    The Soviets took chemical defence really seriously in the 1930s. They even developed slime suits for their PVKhO units back then.


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